Why A Falcon?

44,000,000 smokers in virtually every country on the planet can't be wrong. The cool, dry smoking characteristics of the Falcon have delighted pipe smokers for more that half of a century.



FIRST, of course, is the engineering which does deliver the promised cool & dry smoke. This has been improved in the last decade with the addition of the "Dry Rings" which fit snugly into the stem's sink to absorb even more moisture and "goo" than the original Falcons.

SECOND, is the quality control consistently exercised by the manufacturer. Each stem is precisely machined, each briar bowl superbly turned. The Falcon tradition of excellence is never compromised.

THIRD, is the style. The Falcon is crisp, interesting, and excessively elegant in its streamlined, almost Deco design.

FOURTH, is variety. With 8 bowl styles, 6 bowl finishes, 7 stem styles, and 3 stem colors to choose from, the basic Falcon system offers more than 1000 combinations that a smoker can assemble to meet his particular smoking needs.

FIFTH, is economy. An entire pipe need not be purchased to expand a Falcon Pipe collection to the proverbial "7-Day Set" or beyond. Simply by a different style stem or bowl and your Falcon smoking pleasure can be doubled, tripled, and more for significantly less than the cost of buying an entire pipe.

Sixth, of course, is durability. Throw them, drop them, kick them, abuse them as you will, the Falcon's engineering will withstand the heaviest of use. No wonder that so many outdoorsmen carry Falcon Pipes and why so many others would not be caught without a Falcon in the car's glove compartment, or in a drawer at the office.