Falcon Smoking Tips

The Falcon Pipe is engineered to collect moisture in the stem -- both in the aluminum bowl and along the spiraled aluminum shank. 

It is extremely successful in doing this and can be enjoyed with a minimum of fuss.

However, to enjoy an even cooler and dryer smoke, we recommend:


Little break-in is required but we suggest that you smoke the first 2 bowls as follows:

       Fill the bowl ¾ full and pack tightly.

    Fill the bowl ¾ full and pack tightly.

   Smoke the bowl until only ash remains. This may be a bit “bitey,” 
   but will assure the bowl is seasoned correctly for future smokes.

   After these two initial bowls, smoke as you please.

We have found that the Falcon requires less tamping than other pipes. After the charring burn, we tamp once, then hardly at all.

We recommend for the Falcon-- and every pipe -- that a pipe cleaner be used during the smoking and after to keep the stem clean & dry. The Falcon "Dry Ring", while not strictly necessary (the twist-engineered stem and the aluminum sink at bowl bottom do a fine job) does provide an even drier, cooler smoke. We use them regularly, but are not at all concerned if we forget to drop one in.

Yes, you can remove the briar bowl during and smoking. We are fanatic about dry smoking and love the Falcon's capability of removing the bowl so we can give the bowl bottom and sink a quick swipe with a tissue. For this feature alone, the Falcon is worth owning!